Family Focused – What does that MEAN?

We see many people talking about being family friendly, kid friendly, family centred, or family focused in their business. What does this truly mean at Warman Physio?

When looking to start the clinic, I had worked in several places that were “family friendly”, but didn’t have any change tables, toys, or ways to keep kids occupied. This puts the onus 100% on the parents to remember to bring things for the kids (who may unpack the bag before you leave), and check to make sure that everything is charged (as we sometimes discover that technology requiring a charge isn’t always charged when we want it…) and the snacks are the snacks that the kids will actually eat (and hopefully not make a a colossal mess). Which is a huge undertaking when you are a new mom, or just frazzled trying to get the kids out of the house!

What I wanted to achieve at the clinic is a family friendly environment for everyone. I want each person who comes to the clinic to feel like family, sort of like coming home. The goal is for everyone, regardless of what service, issue, or injury they may be coming in for to get this ‘vibe’. For me, it has been a critical focus that when adding new therapists and staff that we stick to this value – being warm, welcoming, and compassionate. (It is written right into the clinic vision and mission statements!)

At the clinic you will find toys, games, books, swings, chairs, wraps, and carriers all intended to help keep babies and older children happy and content during appointments (regardless of what mom remembers to bring!)

The clinic treats babies and children right up to older adults; we truly are able to help everyone across the lifespan!

Ensuring that everyone is treated like an extended family member is the environment you can expect at Warman Physio.

The biggest reason why I wanted this particular feel is because I often heard that people would avoid going for needed appointments because they were unable to afford childcare; or they didn’t have support around to help watch their children while they attended their treatments. Not because they couldn’t (or were told they couldn’t) bring their babies to appointments, but because the environment of acceptance that sometimes babies cry and appointments don’t go as planned made bringing their kids to appointments difficult and uncomfortable. Now don’t let me give you the wrong impression – the therapists want the kids and babies to come, but when it’s not the “norm” it can be a difficult distraction to overcome!

Seeing prenatal and postpartum women, infants and children at the clinic has been the clinic ‘niche’ from the beginning – we just do it a lot! So having that colicky baby that cries the whole time? We’ve got this. Having that baby that needs to lay on momma the whole time? No problem. Having the two big kids that for some reason just NEED to both be on the blue chair? We can figure that out too. Our therapists will hang onto babies, use the swings, and help older kids problem solve during appointments, and sometimes (when mom is comfortable), Laura will snag some of the babies and wander around with them so the mommas can focus on their appointments. It is wonderful to have the content babies and kids in at the clinic, but the kids that are more ‘challenging’ aren’t any less welcome. We enjoy seeing all the kids that come in and want them to feel welcome as well!

So if you have been waiting until you’re back at work, have been putting off coming because you can’t afford childcare, or simply just didn’t know what to do with the kids for your appointments, don’t hesitate to book in with us! We even have kids attend massage appointments with parents sometimes (but I get wanting to be able to get into fully relaxed mode!) 😉

We are here to welcome you into our Warman Physio family – wherever you may fit!

Haylie has been practicing pelvic health and focused in prenatal and post-partum care since graduating from the U of S MPT program in 2011. She now adds to this education and treatment, her knowledge and experience in pediatric pelvic health providing workshops and presentations in addition to assessment and treatment. Haylie has been advocating for treatment for women, ensuring appropriate and effective care throughout pregnancy and post-partum, and helping all expecting and post-partum moms since she started practicing. This ultimately brought her to open her family-friendly clinic in 2014.  At Warman Physio clients are encouraged to bring their infants and children to treatment if they need. Haylie was recognized as YWCA Women of Distinction finalist for Health & Wellness in 2017, the ABEX Young Entrepreneur Award Recipient in 2018, and a finalist in the 2019 SABEX and WMBEXA Awards.