It is that time of year again – LIGHT THE NIGHT FUNDRAISER!

Every year we do fundraising for Light the Night. Here is the story behind the fundraising:

“My name is Haylie (Lashta at work, MacIntosh in personal) and I participate in Light the Night for my dad, Hank Lashta.

Dad was diagnosed with CLL (a slow moving leukemia) when I was in high school. This particular type of leukemia is a ‘sit and wait for it to get worse before we do anything’ kind. So wait we did. In 2012 my dad received a stem cell transplant that SAVED HIS LIFE. For the past 4 years he has been battling the after-effects of the transplant, graft-vs-host disease. A stem cell transplant transplants blood, and ‘organ’ that goes everywhere in the body. This means that unlike a more typical organ transplant, the graft-vs-host can affect anything that your blood comes into contact with (which is everything). Because my dad was able to have a transplant he was able to attend my wedding, help me with my first garden, hold his first grand-baby (and my daughter) and have countless hours of time with us as a family.

We have recently discovered that dads’ battle is not over. His Cancer is BACK, but combined with the graft-vs-host is not a ‘sit and wait’ and treatment begins in August.

This time the options are different.

I walk for dad. I walk to raise money for research to help improve patient outcomes post-transplant, research new drugs to make transplant unnecessary, to find a cure for blood cancer.

I will always appreciate any and all support that can be provided by anyone near and far.
This is my story, and although I thought our story was finished, we still don’t know how it ends.”

We at Warman Physio are collecting donations to provide for Haylie’s team for Light the Night. You can donate directly to Haylie’s personal fundraising profile online link below, or you can ask us about donating in-clinic!