We are so thrilled to be offering a second annual FUN RUN (or walk!) and BBQ this year on June 15th! We again will be providing a variety of distance options (2km, 5km, 10km) as well as family and group/corporate options for participating!

Last year we were so fortunate to have 60 (HOLY SMOKES!) runners participate, and sold over 100 burgers the day of the event. We are hoping that this year, we will be able to get out 80 runners, and sell 125 burgers – with 100% of all proceeds going directly to Light the Night!

We choose to raise money annually for Light the Night as Haylie’s dad, Hank, has been battling with CLL – a ‘slow’ moving form of leukemia for over a decade. He has been through countless rounds of chemo, a stem cell transplant, and relapse – if you want to read some more about Hank’s journey check out our previous blog.

The thing that makes fundraising for the LLSC Light the Night THE BEST is the advances that we are able to see in the short time (although it feels like a very long time!) Hank has been going through treatments. Because of this fundraising that supports research efforts as well as supporting those that have been diagnosed with blood cancers, the quality of treatment has been vastly different! Hank would not have survived more than a year in 2012 if he had not received a stem cell transplant, and in 2016 when his cancer returned, the drug therapies were so much better, he wouldn’t have needed a stem cell transplant to begin with if it had been available then!

We would be so grateful if you would join us in our efforts, and come and enjoy a day of movement (walk or run!) and/or some food to support our cause!

2km individual sign-up

2km family sign-up

5km individual sign-up

10km individual sign-up

Contact us for group/corporate rates, and to find out how to get your burger and drink included in the run!


As many of you know, our clinic does fundraising for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society​ via Light the Night in Saskatoon. Every year we have tried to do a little more, and last year we were able to raise over $1000 for Light the Night!

Haylie’s Story:
Another year has come and gone! Back to fundraising for Light the Night for 2018, and although many people know why I have chosen Light the Night as my fundraiser I want to share my story.

My dad, Hank, was diagnosed with CLL when I was in school. This type of LEUKEMIA, unlike others, is a type where treatment in the beginning is to “do nothing”. Over the next 10 years or so, dad went through a variety of monitoring, chemotherapies and appointments. February 2012 he received a stem cell transplant – his brother Stephan was a perfect match. The transplant was successful and although he was dealing with some graft versus host, he was in excellent shape compared to some. Tragically, my uncle Stephan passed away in June 2012 from a heart attack, despite multiple cardiovascular stress tests undertaken to be fit to be a donor. Unfortunately in 2016 during routine scans, further cancer was found – CLL again, just slightly different “mutation” from the last one. He has been doing well, and thanks to many drug advancements has been effectively treated to date.

had the drugs that are available now, been available when dad was going through stem cell transplant, he likely wouldn’t have needed the transplant in the first place!

Because of treatment options available to him my dad was able to:
*See me graduate from University, and get a job in my chosen profession
*Watch me get engaged 
*Helped me move into my first home 
*Attend my wedding and walk me down the aisle 
*Welcomed two grandchildren (and a grand-dog!) 
*Helped and supported me open my own business 
*Been present for countless events, big and small and celebrate with our family and friends 

In discussion regarding some of the treatment options, we were told that had the drugs that are available now, been available when dad was going through stem cell transplant, he likely wouldn’t have needed the transplant in the first place! I believe that this cause, raising money for research and to help support families is a huge part of progressing treatment options and ensuring that we can get the best outcomes for our family members, coworkers, and friends that are diagnosed with blood cancers.

What are we doing at the clinic THIS YEAR and how can YOU help?

*We are kicking off this year with a FUNdraising FUN RUN & BBQ on June 3! We have multiple distances for people to run, jog, or walk (2km, 5km, 10km) with 100% of proceeds going to Light the Night! Not only do we have a run happening, we will also be doing a BBQ at the Warman Co-op!

Stay tuned throughout the summer and fall to find out more ways you can participate in our FUNdraising this year!