Don’t Let Your Love of Running HURT You!

Just in time for spring running weather, Warman Physio will be offering a Running Clinic March 10, 2016! The education session will provide information on:

– common running pains/issues
– typical training mistakes
– stretches that are geared towards runners to try
– possible gait analysis (chosen ahead of time)
– how to tell when an appointment is required
– possible information on ‘prehab’ before changing running routine
– the importance of strength as well as endurance and it’s affect on running

We will be providing snacks and beverages for those who attend. The location of the event will be determined by the number of people that register for the event – to register please e-mail info@warmanphysio.com titled “Registration for Running Clinic”, or call the clinic at 306-373-9355 (306-373-WELL). There will be a limited number of spaces, make sure you don’t miss out!