What does the dietitian at Warman Physio do?

Jessica Braun Dietitian

Hi, I’m Jessica the dietitian. I’m a private practice dietitian which means I don’t work for the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA). I see clients both in-person at the clinic and virtually. Clients are usually looking for a private practice dietitian because their doctor told them to see a dietitian and the SHA dietitians are all booked up or not accessible to them. They often feel like they have no idea what to eat. Or they are sick of trying to lose weight and want to find an alternative to improve or maintain their health.

My appointments generally run from 45-60 minutes. This may seem long but we go over so much information and get into a lot of detail to find the best path for you. Don’t worry about trying to remember everything though! I send post-appointment summary emails along with any resources you may need. 

I see clients of all ages for a wide variety of reasons:
  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart health
  • digestive conditions and gut health
  • disordered eating
  • food allergies and intolerances
  • reducing disease risk
  • learning how to meal plan and incorporate new foods into your diet
  • introduction to solids
  • picky eating

After all of that you might be wondering, “but, what don’t you do”? I’m glad you asked. There are a couple things: weight loss, diagnosed eating disorders, and type 1 diabetes. I also don’t create meal plans but I can teach you how to make your own.

Telling people I can’t help them lose weight often leaves them confused. That doesn’t mean we can’t reach your health or eating goals! I’m a weight neutral dietitian meaning weight is not a factor in our discussions or goals. I won’t ask you how much you weigh, we won’t talk about BMI, and I won’t ask you to track your weight. We brainstorm strategies that have nothing to do with weight loss, creating goals that are tailored just for you and sustainable for the long-term


Check out this blog on Halloween candy for a little more information about how I work, or check out my social media on Facebook, or IG (@jessicabraunrd)



**Please note at this time we do not have a Dietitian at the clinic. We are always looking for new providers to serve our community; if you know someone or would like to join us please use  the Join Our Team link.