Booking with Haylie?

I am so thrilled to be back seeing clients, and I am honored to be booking an entire MONTH in advance! Due to the high demand, and my increased need for Pediatric Pelvic Floor, an area that currently only I am treating within the clinic, I am going to have to limit my schedule.

At this time please be mindful that I will only be able to see clients I have seen in the past 3-6 months for their follow-ups as needed, new Pediatric Pelvic Floor clients (which I will expand on in another post!), and those experiencing specific Anorectal dysfunction. As usual, if I have seen you previously and you have a new injury, you are welcome to wait to see me in my schedule, BUT, many issues are often best dealt with when we are scheduling sooner than later.

Both Shannon and Kendra are amazing therapists that are able to provide outstanding care to our clients and community members. Having a passion for physiotherapy, both women are highly trained, as well as compassionate and personable.

How do you know who to see? If you have a pelvic floor complaint (leaking, pain with intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse, etc) you will want to book with Kendra, otherwise, Shannon or Kendra will be able to take care of your needs.

So don’t wait a month or longer to get in, schedule in with Shannon and Kendra today!

Shannon Domres

Kendra Usunier

Haylie Lashta