Fitness for Everyone

As with the rest of the clinic, our fitness services are intended to be inclusive. Having a place where everyone can come to get what they need is important to us. Classes can all be modified to be appropriate for various levels of comfort (beginner to experienced) with a wide variety of suitable equipment. Whether you love cardio, are expecting or have recently had a baby, want to learn olympic lifts, or need to slowly get back into it after an injury we can do that.

Deanna Cadrain

Deanna is a graduate of Lethbridge College in 2011 where she received her diploma in Exercise Science and her Certified Personal Trainer certification with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. Since Deanna graduated she has earned certifications in basic and kids yoga (Yoga Allliance), Pre/Postnatal exercise, Exercise for all ages (CSEP) and her Post Rehab Exercise Specialist (AFPA).

Since graduating, Deanna worked at a couple of gyms but she couldn’t quite find the place she was looking for. She wanted to work in a gym where the focus was taken off of what each body looked like and onto what each body is capable of. She couldn’t find what she was looking for so she started her own fitness business – Falling For Fitness in 2013. Throughout the years Deanna has focused on making connections with weight neutral dieticans, physiotherapists and mental health counsellors to help her clients have access to several different providers and get assistance in many different areas. Along with making connections she also took her Basic Nutrition and Body Image coaching course to help her clients focus on intuitive eating and weight neutral approaches to health.

Deanna helps each client realize what their bodies are capable of and gives clients the gentle push they need to have confidence in the gym. Knowing that one size doesn’t fit all, she also offers personalized exercises for her clients so that each individual is fitting the exercise to their body.

Deanna’s true passion lies behind helping people get back into exercise once they have clearance from a doctor/physiotherapist.. Whether a client is returning after an injury, in the pre/postnatal stage on their life or have never lifted a weight, Deanna is eager and ready to help. You will often see her taking a peek into her post rehab book to look up some new exercises and she gets REALLY excited when clients hit new milestones or an exercise is working just the way she hoped!

Semi-Private Classes

Up to 2-3 people will come together and take a class. The advantage of the semi-private class is not only the smaller class size, but also that each individual can let Deanna know before class what they hope to focus on. The difference between this and a private session is that Deanna’s attention is divided among up to 3 people. There will also be time to exercise and move independently while she is working with the other class members. You can grab a couple of friends or sign up and meet new ones!

A cost effective option for in-person, monitored exercise time.

If we need to shut down in person services due to COVID-19, all pre-paid sessions will be refunded if required. Paying each session at a time is an option as well.

Group Classes

Class sizes will vary. With the group fitness classes you come to class and the instructor has the plan ready to go! If you have specifics you want to focus on then you can opt for a semi private individualized or basic program.

Small Group Fitness: up to 6 people get together for a pre-determined group class. Individual adjustments to individualize programming can be accomodated.

Semi-Private: individualized or basic options in this 4 person maximum class! Individualized programming is a specific program created for you by your fitness instructor ahead of time. Want something more specific but happy to have an archived program? Select the basic option and work specifically on what you need to!

If we need to shut down in person services due to COVID-19, all pre-paid sessions will be refunded if required. Paying each session at a time is an option as well.

Lunch Time Fitness

Want to get in a workout but not wanting to compromise family time after work? We have the “power hour” lunch fitness group that will let you squeeze in your exercise AND eat lunch on Tuesday, Thursday, and select Fridays! Classes are set to a maximum of 6 people and follow all health orders.

Private Classes

It’s just you and Deanna working together on your personal goals. You know what you want to focus on that week and Deanna will design the class based on your needs. Whether you want to learn some new lifts, improve your balance or flexibility, get some more cardio into your day or get stronger after you’ve recovered from an injury it will be provided! This is different than personal training because you will not get a home program but its the same as in each time you come we will continue to progress.

If we need to shut down in person services due to COVID-19, all pre-paid sessions will be refunded if required. Paying each session at a time is an option as well.


Now you can bundle your classes with discounted packages! Packages come in various lengths and cost benefits and can apply to ANY fitness service. The packages will cover the reduced class costs and for the more specialized services (semi-private, private) a small additional payment would be required.